Word of mouth

Despite what is often assumed, the name of our Bockbier has nothing to do with the animal (Bock = buck), but instead from a brewmaster from Einbeck in Lower Saxony who moved to Munich in 1614 to brew his “Ainpökisch” beer in the time-honoured Hofbräuhaus. It was of course only a matter of time before the Bavarian pronunciation won out and the name “Bockbier” made the rounds from then on in brewing jargon.

Since the Middle Ages Bockbier was regarded for a long time as a luxury item and was exported over long distances, including up to Italy. In order to ensure that the beer would keep long enough, it was brewed with an exceptionally high original gravity.

In addition, it has a very special place of honour with us, since it went down in the history of our brewery as the beer of our founding fathers and hence as the first of all the Lang beers.

Our Lang-Bräu Bock bright is available in the following packings

0,5l Bottle

20 x 0,5l Bottle


Das Beste seiner Art


Dunkles Weissbier

Der bayerische Urtyp

Naturtrübs SuperAle

Eine neue Zeitrechnung


Die Nummer 1


Das volle Blonde

7 Sternchen Pils

Der handliche Hopf

Schit dibri nó

Der Selbstläufer


Die spritzige Bierbrause

Märzen Spezial

Der würzige Märzen


Das fränkische Wintermärchen



Der spritzige Liebesnektar

Burggraf dunkel

Das Bier aus der Ritterzeit


Der gestandene Bajuware

Dunkler Bock

Das rustikale Kraftpaket

Naturtrübs SuperAle

Eine neue Zeitrechnung