A love of beer

Here we still brew by hand, and with passion. This is the only way to produce a unique beer with character.

process of brewing

Even today we still brew in accordance with the traditional Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516. Unfalsified quality as the basis of genuine, full-flavoured beer enjoyment.


We know the goodness and quality of a beer when it is brewed according to the principles of the Beer Purity Law, on the basis of the old tradition, and with all the skill of   master craftsman.

“What we want in particular is that from now on only beer that has been made of nothing but barley, hops and water as its ingredients is to be made and sold in our towns and markets and in the countryside.” The Bavarian Beer Purity Law (with the original in the newer German text version of 1516) embodies the oldest ordinance worldwide concerning food that is still valid today. The thought of consumer protection was the incentive at that time for Duke William IV to promulgate the Beer Purity Law. And apart from its cultural and historical economic importance it is this idea of consumer protection that makes us campaign up until today for the retention of Beer Purity Law.