The Hopfs – one brewery family, one passion, one Lang – since 1853


When the brewer hurries from his bed at night into the brewhouse to keep an eye on his beer yet again, then we can speak of a truly special passion. And precisely that is the golden thread that runs through our family for six generations now – a love of brewing beer.

As the father, so the son – ever since the brewery was founded in 1853 we have been committed both body and soul to the service of our beer. Our brewing secrets are jealously protected and are always passed on down from father to son. So nothing of what has made our beer so special and unique for generations is forgotten. We are proud of our home area and are passionate bon viveurs who send out our beer mentality into the whole wide world.

Sometimes a bit crazy and always showing our characteristic Schönbrunn-style sense of humour, we live out both our beer and our traditions. We are a very approachable brewing family.

Over 160 years of the Lang private brewery

2010 – the new yardstick


We are among the leading private breweries of Upper Franconia with an annual output in five digits (in hectolitres). We have set our course for the future by our investment in a new filling unit. It this way it is possible for us to ensure the unique and unsurpassed quality of our beers even as demand rises.

2002 – the Erotic beer


Sometimes you just have to give free rein to your passion and let others experience it as well. That applies to the brewing of beer as well. Suddenly the attention of the world focuses on our village brewery in Schönbrunn through the invention of our Erotic beer. A number of TV stations inside and outside Germany reported in our innovate love drink and make it become well known overnight across all borders. The top politicians also suddenly become passionate.

1978 – the up and coming newcomers


In 1978 son Jürgen Hopf passed his examination as a master brewer and has successfully guided the fortunes of the brewery up to today. He created special items such as the Jean Paul beer, the papal beer and the Erotic beer that has become world-famous in the meantime. His son Richard has now secured in the sixth generation the continuation of Lang-Bräu Schönbrunn.

1948 – the economic miracle


From 1948 Frida Lang was given strong support from Ernst Hopf from Hof, who married her daughter Irma Lang that same year. The brewmaster worked intensively on the brewery and brought it up to its present modern state. In the course of this development the Schönbrunn Fichtelgebirge beer gained ever more recognition, and at the same time the range of products was expanded to include the Frucade lemonades and farming was stopped in the 1950’s.

1922 – the hard years


In 1920 son Rudolf Lang combined the three brewing rights under his auspices. After the early death of Rudolf Lang (1937) at the age of 53 his widow Frida Lang (née Kastner, hailing from Sichersreuth) took over the brewery and farming operations and guided them both through the confusion of the war and post-war times. This was no mean achievement for a woman on her own. However, the restaurant was closed.

1888 – the head office


In 1888 Gustav Lang built the present head office of Lang-Bräu, which was well ahead of its time with regard to fittings and construction materials by the standards of that era. The premises were designed for both farming and catering use. The ballroom, the former restaurant and stables show even today how the business was run back then.

1853 – the founding


Unfortunately, the documents on the founding were lost in the confusion of the Second World War. Nonetheless, the oldest advertising signs and letterheads that have been found point to 1853 as the year of founding. At that time the three founding families of Zeitler, Rasp and Schmidt held the main shares in the brewery. A real „Lang“ only appears as a partner in the Schönbrunn brewery from 1883 in the form of Friedrich Gustav Lang – the son of a brewer from Fattigau and husband of Johanna Lang, née Schmidt.

1831 – the foundation


The beginnings of the Schönbrunn brewery go back to the year 1831, when the officials of the margrave granted permission to innkeepers Schmidt, Zeitler und Rasp to set up a community brewhouse, with a reference to the especially advantageous properties of the water in Schönbrunn.