Our Lang-Bräu also looks good in front of the camera

But no false modesty. Our enthusiasm for beer has become known around the whole world in the meantime. Camera off.


Our pioneering spirit in the blaze of publicity

Unforgettable stories, milestones and pilgrimages in the name of Lang-Bräu. A little piece of documented brewery history.

Junge Brauer

Carnival 2016

Ein Bier, eine Familie.


Der Hopf lässts krachen



Wiesenfest procession



Anarchie ist Pflicht



Project 2016



Marktnische Spaßbiere

Hoch hinaus



Schönbrunn fires up



A great atmosphere



Heavy artillery



Strong and sweet



Ein Bier, eine Familie.

Eroticism in bottles



Sex sells






Thousands of guests



Volksfest Röslau



Viagra effect



The last holy suds



She wants the crown



Lots of encouragement






Beer dwarf



The Hopf in Playboy



Bizarre methods



Fasching event



A successful Festbier



A touch of eroticism



papal beer






New festival host



The special beer




Hear hear

A large number of radio stations got to know about us and our Erotikbier (Erotic beer) over the years. Here are some highlights.