A real classic, reinterpreted.


We are starting a new era for beer!

Wheat beer


The best of its type – every mouthful a true original!




Lang-Bräu goes Export! Get yourself the Bavarian beer experience at home.

Erotic beer


Passionate and simply irresistible!

The Hopfs


One family, one passion, one Lang


Schönbrunn in the Fichtelgebirge – the home territory of our delicious beer.


Our home is one of the prettiest villages in Bavaria. Against the backdrop of the stunningly beautiful Fichtelgebirge, with warm-hearted people and the very best prerequisites for a truly special beer.



This is where we come from

A warm traditional Bavarian welcome to the tradition-filled Lang Bräu brewery in Schönbrunn

Located in the middle of our incredibly scenic Fichtelgebirge, for more than 160 years now we have been brewing a beer that does its name and its region every honour.

The best natural ingredients from Bavaria, the art of brewing passed on from generation to generation and, last but not least, our love for the juice of the barley lends every single Lang beer its unique character. Sometimes just bit a crazy, 100% full of flavour and a true Schönbrunn original.

A quick overview – there is the right Lang-Bräu® for every taste


Das Beste seiner Art


Dunkles Weissbier

Der bayerische Urtyp

Naturtrübs SuperAle

Eine neue Zeitrechnung


Die Nummer 1


Das volle Blonde

7 Sternchen Pils

Der handliche Hopf

Schit dibri nó

Der Selbstläufer


Die spritzige Bierbrause

Märzen Spezial

Der würzige Märzen


Das fränkische Wintermärchen



Der spritzige Liebesnektar

Burggraf dunkel

Das Bier aus der Ritterzeit


Der gestandene Bajuware

Dunkler Bock

Das rustikale Kraftpaket

Naturtrübs SuperAle

Eine neue Zeitrechnung