The beer with staying power

The topic of keeping well has played a crucial role ever since the beginning of the history of brewing. The Bavarian beer ordinance of 1539 stated that beer may only be brewed between Michaelmas (29th September) and St. George’s day (23rd April).

In this way they attempted to reduce the hire fire risk when boiling the wort for the beer and at the same time make possible the cool temperatures required for the fermentation process. In order not to spend the long time until the autumn in a state of constant thirst a beer was brewed in March that kept especially well thanks to its high original gravity and alcohol content. This is one reason why the beer for the Munich Wiesn in October was traditionally a Märzen.

Our Lang-Bräu Spezial is available in the following packings

0,5l Bottle


20 x 0,5l Bottle


Das Beste seiner Art


Weissbier dunkel

Der bayerische Urtyp

Naturtrübs SuperAle

Eine neue Zeitrechnung


Die Nummer 1


Das volle Blonde

Siebensternchen Pils

Der handliche Hopf

Schit dibri nó

Der Selbstläufer


Die erfrischende Bierbrause


Der würzige Märzen



Das fränkische Wintermärchen



Der spritzige Liebesnektar

Burggraf dunkel

Das Bier aus der Ritterzeit

Bock hell

Der gestandene Bajuware

Urbock dunkel

Das rustikale Kraftpaket

Naturtrübs SuperAle

Eine neue Zeitrechnung