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Läuft is you!
And what you make of it.

Our brewery motto is a declaration of love to you and our homeland. A positive drive that motivates us all and binds us together. Almost a beer lifestyle.

Läuft. In German, “Läuft” means “going”, but it’s also a synonym for: Alright! Cheers! Let’s go! A toast that invites a whole community to get creative. Which makes sure that people tell your story in connection with our beers and family brewery. A nice example that it pays to be courageous and sometimes unconventional. To think positively.

What started off as a slogan for our family brewery has taken on a life of its own thanks to you. Good!

Richard & Rudolf Hopf

Anything but normal.

Anyone who knows us knows that we are always up for fun. We never would have thought that someone would tattoo our brewery slogan on their arm.

The highest art of brewing

We brew our beer the way we learned to from our father and grandfather. With flair, the highest standards and an unbridled thirst for innovation

Messages-in-a-bottle from fans and partners.

I am very attached to my home region and love to support regional products and companies. With Lang-Bräu, our Fichtelgebirge region has a delicious beer and a modern brand I can fully identify with. #läuft

Vanessa Schwager

As a company that is committed to our home region, we at EDEKA Egert are bound to Schönbrunn by a very special friendly relationship And that is not just because of quality and a thirst for innovation, but also our shared drive to keep the Fichtelgebirge region worth living in and loving.

Alexander EgertManaging Director of E-center Egert Selb

For me, beer from Lang-Bräu is not just a beer but an attitude to life.

Paul Melzer

Lang-Bräu, and everything that goes with it, is unique and simply something special.

Tina Liebs

I very much appreciate how Richard and Rudolf tackle things and are moving forward for the region.

Marion „Molo“ MeyerhöferManaging Director Bräustüberl Schönbrunn

For me, Lang-Bräu means home. On my travels across the world, I always have Lang-Bräu in my luggage.

Kathrin Schricker

Regional brands are a piece of home. And as a "Fichtelgebirgler" with deep root in my home region, it is obvious which beer I drink.

Eric Oeler

Lang-Bräu is the perfect partner for us at Fichtelrad. Young, fresh and cheeky, just like us the lads support the Fichtelgebirge region. The “pale” is our absolute favorite beer and accompanies us on every tour.

Frank SüßManaging Director of Fichtelrad GmbH

Lang-Bräu: Favorite beer, cool guys, creative ideas, parties with tradition and a sense of home! LÄUFT!

Timo Kluth

Lang-Bräu in Wunsiedel-Schönbrunn is a textbook example for the combination of tradition and modernity. We at the Association of Private Breweries Bavaria are happy to have such a committed member in our ranks.

Stefan StangManaging Director, Privat Brauereien Bayern e.V.

For me, the best refreshment when hiking through the gorgeous Fichtel Mountains: The small and handy 7 Sternchen. It makes the view from the summit a very special pleasure.

Ronja Mende

They work with heart and soul, you can feel and taste that. We are happy that Lang-Bräu is backing us up, because this brings the Läuft spirit to DEL2.

Tobi ErnstbergerSponsoring & Marketing Representative VER Selb

Whether it is a Lauser after training or a pale beer after a successful show – it is definitely a Lang-Bräu!

Bianca ReinelDance Chairwoman – Dance Department of TB Marktleuthen (TBM)

For us, Lang-Bräu means being part of a crazy family. Here, everyone knows everyone and a good beer from Lang-Bräu is always a must for an evening with friends.

Franzi & Döbi

Lang-Bräu is more than a beer for me! Lang-Bräu is more than a brand! Lang-Bräu is friendship. One of those moments, complete bliss.

Christian Heapp

The team is first class, the beer legendary.

Kevin Bayerlein

As a modern beverage wholesaler we are happy to work with innovative family-owned breweries like Lang-Bräu. Here is to new ideas, new high-quality products and reliable delivery!

Cornelius SagasserManaging Director SAGASSER-Vertriebs GmbH

You just feel welcome every time you visit. A very special experience, 100% likeable.

Benjamin Prell


Today, the fresh wind of a young generation is blowing. With plenty of thirst for innovation and our Läuft attitude.


For more than 160 years, we, as a small-to-medium-sized family brewery, have always had to be creative and get right to grips with things.